Challenge 3 Distance

The Flight Lift Challenge 3 (distance) has been developed as an introduction to the more advanced concepts of aircraft design and build and also a meaningful lead in to Challenges 4 and 5.

The academic requirements are less rigorous than the more advanced challenges 4 and 5 (Quantity and Weight), teams are required to produce a brief written summary of their design process and finished aircraft including simple 3 view drawings, teams are also required to conduct a 5 minute presentation to a team of expert judges prior to the flight element of the competition.

For the flying element of the competition, teamwork, planning and a well-structured approach combined with a well designed and practical airframe will be key elements to success in this competition.

Please note that it is strongly recommended that the help of an experienced aero modeller is enlisted from the very start. 

Local contacts are available from the BMFA office.

We look forward to receiving your team’s entry for the Payload Challenge 3. 

Download “Flight Challenge 3 Distance 2023 Rules”

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