Challenge 1 Egg Lift

The Flight Challenge 1 Egg Lift has been developed as an initial introduction to the concepts of aircraft design and build and also as a meaningful lead in to Challenges 2, 3, 4 and 5 which require a more comprehensive understanding of design and build principles.

Teams are required to consider their aircraft to be a prototype for a courier specialising in the transportation of fragile organic products. In this case the ‘passenger’ egg must be treated with due care and allowed to enjoy an uneventful journey to and from its destination. The starting point and destination is an egg cup which represents a safe haven for our intrepid egg.

Competing Teams are required to: 

  1. construct a lightweight and cost effective aircraft utilising the provided wing template from foam-board or ‘Depron’ / expanded sheet polystyrene foam.
  1. develop a payload module to be attached to or incorporate into the aircraft, to accommodate and safely transport the payload of a single medium sized chicken egg.
  1. For the flying element of the competition, teams are required to demonstrate their aircraft in flight in its unladen state as well as with the payload in place with the ultimate aim of a safe delivery to and from the prescribed landing area via the competition circuit.

Please note that it is strongly recommended that the help of an experienced aero-modeller is enlisted from the very start.

Local contacts are available from the BMFA office.

We look forward to receiving your team’s entry for the Flight Challenge 1 Egg Lift.

Download “Flight Challenge 1 Egg Lift 2022 Rules”

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